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Maria Lopez

Maria Lopez

Lawyer - Independent Advocate - McKenzie Friend who support to present your own family or civil case as a litigant in person

Our Company

Our Company

We are committed to ensuring that our service in these difficult times remains at the same high standard.

Family Dispute

Family Dispute



Do you need urgent assistance? 

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Family and Child Law 
Family Dispute

Are you in a dispute over welfare issues or how much time your child should spend with each parent ?

Are you getting divorced ?

Are you concerned about your or your child's safety

Areas of Assistance



Disputes over Children


Injunctions/Emergency Protection Orders

Civil Disputes


Judge and Gavel

Do you have problems with a neighbour acting in an anti- social way?

Have you been harassed or intimidated by someone?

Have you been a victim of domestic abuse?

Have you been accused of committing domestic abuse against a partner or child?

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Independent Advocate McKenzie Friend

Are you thinking of going to court soon ?

Do you need pre-court support with your case ?


Do you need someone with you in court who is experienced in family law and civil disputes ?

Maria can assist and support you with the entire civil and family court process. Lawyers - Independent Advocates - McKenzie Friends are a cost effective alternative to expensive solicitor's fees. We offer the first hour at a fixed fee.

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Assistance You Can Trust


Communicate with your ex partner/spouse or your business partner to try and reach an agreement,  saving you the cost of expensive and worrying court proceedings.

Help you to correspond with your ex spouse/partner's solicitor as you require.

Court Applications

Prepare the necessary court applications, forms and/or advise you on the types of order(s) you should be seeking when negotiation or mediation has broken down.

Help you to draft a witness statement/particulares of claim in accordance with court protocol. Advise on and prepare trial bundles for use in court.

Moral Support

We offer guidance, explaining how the courts work, accompanying litigants in person to the Family/Civil Courts to provide moral support, prepare you for the court process, advise on the merits of your case or ex spouse/partner's case or your civil dispute, and help afterwards


Court Support & Legal Services

We offer affordable Family/Civil Court support. 


Court Support and Legal Services Ltd provides practical, procedural and emotional support in many areas of Family and Civil Court processes. 

My Approach

I am a member of Resolution, an organisation that promotes a non-confrontational approach to resolving family issues; I encourage a conciliatory approach. 
That is not to say that I cannot “fight your corner” but a hostile approach is counter productive in my experience. My approach is totally anti-discriminatory, that is, I welcome enquiries from both male and female clients, regardless of sexual orientation, socio-economic group, ethnicity or creed.

Why choose Court Support & Legal Services

Organized and Efficient

I found Maria via the '' I had hit rock bottom and my divorce had a terrible impact on my mental health and the relationship with my children. I was struggling to cope with the idea of being a litigant in person. Maria offered fantastic support, not only helping me as a litigant in person, but building my confidence to face my children and sorting out visits with them. I really recommend Maria's services.

Wright, Mr


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Assistance You Can Trust

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