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Remote Hearings

Support at remote hearings during Coronavirus


If you have an upcoming telephone or video hearing, one of us may be able to support you. Please contact us.


How we can help at remote hearings


We can offer you support at remote hearings in the Family Courts by talking through the process, providing practical and procedural information as well as emotional support.


On the day of your remote hearing we may be able to join the proceedings (either by phone or video depending on the format the court has decided upon). We can make brief informal notes of what was said during the hearing and can discuss these with you at a later stage. Please be aware that we cannot provide legal advice or speak for you during the hearing. 


Our assistance at any remote hearing is subject to availability and with the court’s agreement.

Useful information about remote hearings 


The signing of the acknowledgement allows you to apply for the first stage of the divorce known as Decree Nisi. This is the stage at which the court will check that you have met all the legal requirements for a divorce.

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